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George Guimaraes

George GuimaraesGeorge Guimaraes is a vegan dietitian and animal rights activist in Brazil. As a dietitian, his practice is dedicated to the research of vegetarian diets and counseling of vegetarian patients through NUTRIVEG Consulting on Vegetarian Nutrition. He is also a regular lecturer at universities and events for the general public and contributes regularly as a writer. Guimaraes is also a dedicated activist, founder and president of VEDDAS (Ethical Vegetarianism, Animal Rights Defense and Society), the most active animal rights organization in Brazil performing over 300 activities each year. VEDDAS promotes vegan outreach through educational activities and weekly multimedia interventions on the streets, organizes protests and events and carries legal action against animals enterprises, covering issues ranging from vivisection to animals used as food and animals used for entertainment. VEDDAS also organizes the National Animal Rights Gathering congregating hundreds of activists from all regions in Brazil and abroad to discuss and strengthen the movement countrywide. George frequently speaks at animal rights events worldwide and was part of the crew aboard the ships of Sea Shepherd on its Antarctic campaign.



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