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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference

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Friday, 11.09.2015   16:30-17:50   Room A
Inside Fur
Ola Waagen

A documentary following a group of highly motivated activists working for years with the goal of exposing the true face of the Nordic fur industry. They sneak into hundreds of fur farms. When their images are publicized it causes media feasts and public outrage, year after year. However, the industry always strikes back. Nothing changes. A new approach is needed. So, a new activist steps up and tells the fur industry that he plans to become a fur farmer. He asks for training. Nervik is accepted as one of them, and starts learning the trade secrets. Without anybody knowing, he films his training with a hidden camera.

The film created a huge debate when it was shown on tv in Norway, and has since been shown on tv and film festivals all over the world and received several awards.

Ola Waagen, the director of the documentary, will be available for questions following the screening.













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