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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference

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Why we need to say we want animal liberation and do non-violent direct actions
Kirstine Høj

We are facing a world of violence towards nonhuman animals on an extreme scale. The nonhuman animals are crying for help, yet some vegans don`t even dare to say they are vegans. Because vegan cupcakes won`t lead us to animal liberation, we need to actually say that we want - in fact; demand - animal liberation. We must act according to the social justice issue - and NOT lifestyle choice - animal rights are.

That`s the philosophy the international animal rights network, Direct Action Everywhere (DxE), is founded on - two years ago in San Francisco Bay Area. DxE has the goal to build a global animal rights network of empowered activists, who dare to speak up and challenge status quo by persistently claiming that every animal has the right to be safe, happy, and free. We protest at places, where violence towards nonhumans is normalized like supermarkets, restaurants, and fur shops. DxE`s disruptive style is inspired by former social justice movements as the LGBTQ movement, civil rights movement, the Arab Spring etcetera. DxE is here to change the world - until every animal is free.













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