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International Animal Rights ConferenceInternational Animal Rights Conference

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Aga Trzak

Aga TrzakAga Trzak is a feminist animal liberation activist, involved with with the grassroots groups Anti-Speciesist Women and Food Not Bombs Cambridge, UK. She recognizes that many leftist activist spaces still remain intrinsically discriminatory, being speciesist, ableist, (cis and hetero) sexist, racist, etc. At the same time the animal movement struggles to establish itself as a movement of the left. Aga recognizes additionally, that as a liberation movement constituted of humans, Animal Rights must guarantee safe spaces for all who are marginalized by society. To establish a way this can be put into practice, Aga interrogates kyriarchy (the system that produces interconnected ideologies of domination) and works towards actively dismantling privilege. She is also obtaining her PhD in Communication Studies at Anglia Ruskin University.



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